EMMA is a collaborative, creative effort between childhood friends Eric Meyer and Matthew Anderson. They always liked comics n' stuff, so decided they'd start making their own.


Eric Meyer

Eric Meyer lives in Tucson, Arizona with son and Mad Max mutt, Jack. He's got Philosophy and Cognitive Science degrees, and likes bicycles and electronic music-futzing too.

If he wants more written here, he should do it HIMSELF! (;P)


Matt Anderson

Matthew Anderson currently lives in Denver, Colorado with his girlfriend, her daughter, and several other critters. He has a degree in Studio Art, with an emphasis in painting and printmaking, and a minor in Japanese Language. He is currently ON TV(!), on Travel Channel's The Dead Files (see your local listings, but episodes air Friday nights). Paranormal investigating involves A LOT of travel, but affords him a pretty decent amount of time and opportunity to work on these here booky-books.