A semi-historical, illustrated novella of Edo-period folklore

by Matthew Anderson


Shōji was raised and molded from a young age into a great ukiyo-e woodblock carver.

But that's not all he is.

Shōji's craft also confers access to the entirety of Japan during a period when travel was highly restricted.

Plying the highly specialized (yet extraordinarily versatile) tools of his trade,  "The Carver" stealthily tracks down and exterminates various targets at the behest of his cunning Lord.



"The Carver" in full manifestation.

"The Carver" in full manifestation.


Hand-bound by the author

using the Japanese "yotsume-toji" ("four-eye-binding") technique

which was actually employed during the period the story takes place

Five variant editions

Ed.01 — Red/Blue STAPLE 2018 debut. Edition of 18 (sold out)

Ed.02 — Blue/Green SPX 2018 debut. Edition of 21 (sold out)

Ed.03 — Green/Red “home” edition. Edition of 15 (available here)

Ed.04 — Black/”Natural”(unbleached white) edition. Edition of 16 (coming soon)

Ed.05 — ”Natural”(unbleached white)/Crimson edition. Edition of 16 (coming soon)

Ed.06 — Crimson/Black edition. Edition of 16 (coming soon)


120 pages

with fifteen pull-out (beautiful, full-grey-scale), ukiyo-e-style illustrations integrated within the folded pages


Cover title hand-pulled from a hand-carved cherry-wood block