Our first (of hopefully[!] many) SPX was, hands-down, THE SINGLE BEST exp/con/show we have done so far.

The expo itself is PHENOMENAL: we met a TON of great, (mostly) similarly-minded people; Eric and I both debut some new, individual projects (my illustrated novella “The Carver & The Assassin,” and Eric sold some cassette tapes of this analog synth music); and we sold a bunch of EVERYTHING!

SO MANY amazing people and projects going on here, and I can’t possible urge EVERYONE enough to try and attend at some point!
Fingers crossed that we make the lottery again next year, but I think we gotta go regardless.

These “indie” “cons” are most definitely where our audience are, and we’re gonna try an do more, for sure. (Emerald City Con, TCAF, maybe even NYCC [I’ve heard good things!])

May the winds fill our sails!

Matthew AndersonComment